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Frequently Asked Questions

Max Brown Hotel Kudamm Berlin

Grab a bike by the horns and discover Berlin, the city is all yours. Go on, get local and rent a bike at the bar downstairs. It’s just an urban tip...

To whoever invented fantasy, bikes and breakfast; well done! The breakfast is served 24/7 by Benedict.

Car parking
At Max Brown Kudamm, we do not offer car parking. However, there are several car parks in the neighbourhood to park your ride. 

Cancellation policy
If you are not able to make it to Max Brown Hotel please let us know at least 24 hrs in advance. If you cancel your booking on shorter notice than 24 hours we shall be constrained to charge you 1-night stay. In case you forget to cancel your booking and your room will turn up as a no-show 1 night Check-in time 15 pm, but first... let's have a drink. Some rates may have other cancellation conditions. These are shown in the policy of the rate that is booked and can be found in the first part of this confirmation.

Check-out time
California, right? The Eagles? “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”. Same here at Max Brown, only you have to change the “any time you like” into 11 am. Sorry.

Credit cards accepted
At Max Brown, we are sooo flexible. We accept everything, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner, JCB.

We love those days when our only problem is... a wine or a beer? (or a gin-tonic, coffee, tea...). Also for some nibbles, bites you can come down and join us, why else is there a light in the fridge?

Electricity 220v.
Just ask the guy or gall behind the bar if you need an adapter.

You can climb up and down the stairs all the way to the 4th floor just to keep in shape, but you can always use the use the elevator.

Internet Food, water and internet.
Let’s get back to the essentials. We live in the 21st century so of course we offer WiFi for free through the whole hotel. And don’t forget to use #maxbrownberlin if you have the desire to post something nice about your urban residence in our city.

Luggage storage If you want to spend another day sightseeing and you need to store your luggage. Just hand it over to one of the staff and enjoy the rest of your day carefree.

Maps If you like the idea of discovering the city, and we know you do, we have a city map for you to help you a bit. But keep in mind, not all those who wander are lost.

Nearest Uban station
Spichernstraße (U3, U9)

We know you automatically turn into a ninja when someone touches your cell phone. But we just want you to be relaxed in here. That’s why you can use the phone in your room if you wish to be connected with the outside world or one of our staff members. Just dial 91. (You can’t take selfies with this one).

We do love pets but unfortunately, we have to announce that your furry friend is not allowed.

Don’t store your precious stuff under your pillow, use your safe. Smoking Light up your fire, but please note that Max Brown is 100% smoke-free for your breathing pleasure. Illuminating a cigarette, cigar or a j***t is prohibited. A deep cleaning fee will apply with respect to our next Max Brown guest.

Wake up call
“Good morning, this is your wake up call. Go out, love and be awesome!” Just let us know what time you’d like to rise and shine and we give you an alarm call. (dial 91 or ask at the reception).

We love Wi-Fi, just like you. And the good news is v- it’s for free!

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